WORKSHOP 4/18 – Build a Language – Andrew Riad

WORKSHOP 4/18 – Build a Language – Andrew Riad

with Andrew Riad

What is the opportunity of language? When we think of language not as a means to articulate, describe, or communicate, but rather, as sound and shape, what can this offer us in terms of the breadth and utility of language? How can we further dissect, analyze, and interrogate language, even play with language, to reach a modality that asks us to resist all that we know about language itself?

Join us in this workshop to communally build our own shared language, making our own alphabet consisting of new letters with new shapes and sounds to ultimately write together in this shared and invented language. How can we suspend ourselves from and resist what we know about language and turn to sound, imagination, and play to forge a new language?

Andrew Riad is a Coptic Nubian Egyptian artist and poet exploring the intersection of poetry, research, and law. He works with textiles, text, filmography, photography, found objects, and culinary practices to undo a monolithic history and propose a [re]imagined and [re][un]written history revealing silenced narratives. For him, language is the experience of sound and ritual; of symbol and gesture and as such, is a site for resurrection and imagination.


7-9 pm
Materials provided.
Limited capacity.
Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.



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