Black Bedouin – Mohammed Zenia & Tenaya Nasser

    BLACK BEDOUIN by Mohammed Zenia and Tenaya Nasser is a book of the IMMEDIATE — written immediately (in the span of five days, very literally AT the printing press 1080press ) in response to the current genocide against, and in solidarity with, the people of Sudan and in the context of immediate echoes in Palestine, Congo, Pakistan, and more — and throughout it all imbued with the immediacy that the global situation demands of us and our moral consciences.
    It is one of the most astonishing and powerful works of poetry I have encountered in quite a while. It rings in the creative immediacy of New York School all-night-writing-to mimeograph-next-day with the political immediacy of a this-is-happening-right-now Crass single or Etel Adnan’s incomparable (but here spiritually correlated) The Arab Apocalypse. 

    Second edition. May 2024 
    500 copies.