• Sunday Subhiyeh

    Sunday Subhiyeh

    This Sunday, we're delighted to welcome Rala from Dar Rala, who will be showing us how to prepare stuffed zucchini the way her Syrian grandmother taught her. "Yalanji," a word originating from Turkish, signifies the absence of meat in this dish, which typically includes grape leaves, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, and more. Our focus will be on mastering the techniques of coring and stuffing the Kousa (grey zucchini). Rala's grandmother's recipe features special ingredients that speak to the Aleppo cuisine in particular, setting it apart from your typical Kousa Mahshi. 

    Our gathering is also a potluck, so you are welcome to bring a dish to share if you'd like to contribute to our subhieyeh. 

    Subhiyeh is an Arabic morning custom often enjoyed with conversations and food. We gather every other Sunday to engage in repetitive tasks centered around a dish or harvest practice. We adapt our activity as we navigate how to respond to the evolving situation in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and within our community in NY. Whether it's collectively contributing to a fundraiser, rethinking food purchasing habits during strikes and boycotts, or focusing on community care and knowledge-sharing.

    Parts of proceeds will go towards the Alnuweiri family fund to help evacuate more family members from Gaza.
    free for children under 10
    space is limited !

    If you are unable to cover the ticket fee, please reach out to us at hello@stormbookstore.com we are happy to discuss alternative options

    11 am - 2 pm
    118 Norman Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


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