• Environement – Tim Soter

    Environement – Tim Soter

    Environments unites fifty five images shot over twelve years, each photo recognizing quirky and dryly funny surroundings. A skeleton leg bathes in the window light of the sun, a filling station offers a drive-up milk dispenser, an urn equipped with a princess telephone allows easy communication beyond the grave. Nature and mankind fight to dominate in an absurd dialog for those who see it. All the evidence is in the book. These photos are tarot cards to be read. Book includes an essay on criteria along with a quiz!

    Each copy of this dummy series has a unique cover with twenty-five different covers in total. The copy you order will be yours alone! No one else will have the same cover. This printing retains all of the qualities of a polished photography book, but some of the work-in-progress charm of a book dummy. Book covers will be selected randomly.


    Edition of 25 copies, each with a unique cover (no two covers are the same) and an archival print

    Hardcover, 55 plates printed on 140# Mohawk proPhoto Pearl paper
    116 pgs.