• May 12 • Community Potluck with Mishmish Souq

    May 12 • Community Potluck with Mishmish Souq

    Mishmish Souq x Storm invite you to join us for a special mother’s day potluck and fundraiser for Gaza mutual aid. 

    We encourage everyone to contribute a dish that holds special meaning for you and your connection to food. What are your favorite food memories from your motherland? What’s your favorite recipe Mom taught you? What’s a favorite meal Teta/grandmother used to cook? 

    Bring Mama, Teta, aunties, and any other inspiring people in your life you wish to celebrate. We look forward to sharing a meal with all of you!

    Please fill out our form to let us know what you are bringing!

    We are also raising funds for Baker and his family in Gaza, If you can donate directly, Venmo @laziza-farms. 

    Michelle Nazzal is the Oakland-based Palestinian-American chef and artist behind the Palestinian pop-up Mishmish Souq, and most recently, Nafas, a food story telling collective that aims to shake off western misrepresentation and claim the right to represent diasporic stories through an educational and archival effort. 

    Mishmish Souq instagram, website
    Nafas instagram

    1:00-3:30 PM
    open to all!