• Sunday Subhiyeh

    Sunday Subhiyeh

    This week calls for the comforts of Shish Barak, a beloved dish of dumplings in yogurt sauce popular in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Have a hand in folding the vegetarian Shish Barak for us to cook and eat together. 

    Subhiyeh is a kind of morning practice, best enjoyed with company and food. Our gatherings serve as a space for rest and response. Each week, we choose our dish as we navigate how to support Palestine as well as our hurting community in this part of the world. We know engaging in repetitive food tasks around a table invites discussion, and we hope that Shish Barak, with its ear-like shape, could encourage active listening, balance, and attention. 

    Our subhiyehs are also a potlock, so bring a dish to share if you'd like!

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