• Sunday Subhiyeh

    Sunday Subhiyeh

    This Sunday, we would like to discuss food practices amidst the systemic starvation in Gaza. How do we engage with food and food-focused gatherings while Israel not only starves Palestinians but massacres them as they wait for flour? Food has always served as our glue and sustenance in times of crisis, but lately, it also feels like a sticky indulgence. How do we reconcile this cognitive dissonance?

    This isn't a formal talk or presentation, nor does anybody need to have prepared answers. Our gatherings are just as much about the conversations around the table as they are about the dish being made.

    As always, we will have something for us to do with our hands: shelling Turmus (Lupini Beans), which can be eaten as is, put into a simple parsley & cumin salad, or pickled for preservation. All options will be available.

    Subhiyeh is Arabic for a morning practice that often includes company, food, and conversations. We gather every other Sunday and select our activity as we navigate how to respond to the evolving situation in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and within our community in New York. Whether it's collectively contributing to a fundraising bake-sale, rethinking food purchasing habits when striking and boycotting, or focusing on community care. Our Subhiyeh is also a potluck, so you are welcome to bring a dish to share if you'd like. This week, we encourage you to consider the longevity of your dish: perhaps something pickled, dried and longer-lasting. Empty pickle jars are also welcome!

    Several options for donations toward mutual aid will be available on site.

    Sunday Subhiyeh: