• Synths and soups – Weird Babes

    Synths and soups – Weird Babes

    Part workbook, part cookbook, Synths and Soups is the first official and collaborative effort to pair recipes for soup with their complementary synth patch or setting. Inspired by the design of vintage synthesizer manuals, Synths and Soups includes contributions from 31 musicians and engineers—pairing miso soup with a KORG MS-20, tashreeb with max/MSP, borscht with a moog grandmother, coconut soup with an op-1, and more. 

    published by Weird Babes
    printed by Conveyor Studio
    8.25” x 10.75” – 92 pages
    Winter 2023

    Ben Seretan 
    Caylie Staples
    Dania Shihab
    Dexter Dine
    Ed Bear
    Devin Brahja Waldman
    Jonathan Schenke
    Caroline Partamian
    Johann Diedrick
    Andrew Siskind
    Bradford Reed
    Lani Combier-Kapel
    Ethan Primason
    Justin Frye
    Ben Greenberg
    Jonny Campolo
    Noah Kardos-Fein
    Sofia Arreguin
    Harrison Street
    Drum & Lace
    Jeremy Willie Cox
    Todd Barton
    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    Kelly Kelbel and Tony Rolando
    Jill Fraser
    Chris Puidokas
    Kind Stranger
    Spencer Keizer
    Ash Newton

    About the publisher – Since 2017, Weird Babes is an artist-run publishing platform for zines, books, prints and tapes by sound and visual artist Caroline Partamian. Weird Babes publications and prints highlight artists' works-in-process, works-in-progress and experiments meant to be interpreted and played with, over various mediums, from illustration to graphic notation, from textiles to synthesizers.