• The Moon in the Cusp of my Hand – Lola Koundakjian

    The Moon in the Cusp of my Hand – Lola Koundakjian

    Lola Koundakjian makes poetry of exquisite moments. Whether she encounters the quotidian or theextraordinary, what she conveys is profound. In her voice you’ll find experiences of the cosmopolitan,the bold, and the bereft, a life concocting meals, savoring music, commingling with the natural world,surveying lovers, testifying to war, searching for art, caring for ill parents, and traveling across NYC andthe world as a poetry diplomat and empath. As you read her insights, you will feel discomfited, soothed,moved, and loved. Expertly fusing form and content, navigating between whimsy and gravitas, Lolaoffers a unique vision of hope.

    English poems with Spanish translations.