• Ulyap Songs : Beyond Circassian Tradition
  • Ulyap Songs : Beyond Circassian Tradition

    Ulyap Songs : Beyond Circassian Tradition

    Ulyap is a village in the Caucasus, where one can find an enormous number of accordion and harmonica players. "Ulyap Songs: Beyond Circassian Tradition" represents an attempt to document ancient bards' chants and their entanglement with popular rural heritage as well as post-Soviet culture during modern times, through a critical prism.
    Interacting with a rich book on the subject, this issue reflects on a music phenomenon involving talented female and male musicians, performing in lively (and sometimes festive) social dynamics. It does so by revealing important songs of the repertoire on the one hand, inviting original artists to experiment with Ulyap songs on the other.
    Built around an important work of documentation on this genre mixing criminal songs, Adygean culture and lyrics related to post-Soviet society, the book and record include essays, archive and contemporary photographs as well as three art commissions questioning this original phenomenon from various point of views. Written in English and Russian, the book encompasses a dozen contributions.
    Musically, the double LP conists of rare and unpublished archives as well as recordings made by FLEE, Ored recordings and Nikita Rasskazov over the last years in various locations of the Caucasus. These original celebration and drinking songs performed by group of professional and amateur musicians alike have been used as a creative fabric by sonic sound artists and musicians.
    The transmedia object comprehends of an LP and book in an innovative packaging made out of traditionnal wool.

    Featuring musicians Zongamin, Misha Sultan, Emmanuelle Parrenin & Colin Johnco, Simone Aubert, Valentina Goncharova, Minami Deutsch, G.A.M.S. & Vatannar, Jrpjej & Ben Wheeler.